Why Purchase a FRANCHISE

When considering a business purchase, various opportunities are available to the buyer. The options include purchasing an existing business with its existing assets, existing brand, and existing real estate. A buyer could also start up a new business, building it from the ground up. The new start up would require the buyer to acquire assets, real estate, and develop the brand. A third option involves purchasing a franchise.  Franchises offer many advantages. Probably the biggest advantage is getting an established brand with a built-in customer base. These customers already know what to expect in terms of pricing and quality when walking in the door. Franchises also provide an established business model, cooperative advertising campaigns, detailed training and support, help select a location that will attract their target demographic, potential for group purchasing discounts, and provides a network of fellow franchisees that share their experiences and help you achieve success. Typically the franchise model offers the new business owner a higher chance of success as compared to a new start up. Additionally, a franchise provides a replicable business plan, allowing you to take concrete steps towards opening in a shorter period.  Many of these supporting services are provided via the upfront franchise fee and the royalty fee.


We will only work with franchisors that have a proven and successful track record with their system. Our relationships with numerous franchisors across various industries, enables us to provide options to potential franchisees so their acquisition meets their personal goals and objectives. We will work with you and the franchisor throughout the entire acquisition process to help ensure a smooth transaction.  As a potential buyer, there is no cost to you. Our referral fees for the services we provide are paid by the franchisor. Having a knowledgeable consultant working on your behalf throughout the process provides you with the peace of mind required to make the purchase.


Our knowledge and experience with franchising provides us a complete understanding of the process from both the franchisee and franchisor prospective. Our marketing and advertising systems that we have in place provide a constant flow of potential leads. Prior to referring any prospects, we make sure leads are fully vetted financially and the franchise they select meets their business goals and objectives.  We will work with you and the prospect throughout the entire acquisition process to ensure a smooth transaction. Our knowledge and experience across the commercial real estate market is essential in matching up the site selection criteria of the franchise with what is available in the market area.


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